We offer a range of opportunities for people of all ages to act, whether they are taking their first steps, building a professional career, or working as a performer. You will receive training in physical theater and the skills you need for it, such as movement, text and voice work.

THEATRE TRAINING 25 juni- 1 juli 2023

THEATRE TRAINING 25 june - 1 july 2023

Discover the power of theatre in this unique workshop at our beautiful Manoir, one hour away from Paris. This theatre training focuses on the connection between the head and heart.
• How do you integrate text and movement?
• How do you go from movement to text and vice versa?
• How do you get "out of your head" and learn to let go and lose yourself "in the moment"?
You will learn how to use improvisation to step out of your comfort zone and develop greater self-confidence and reach. In this workshop, you will also work on techniques such as using imagination, working with voice, and emotional exploration. End the week with a beautiful presentation and a sense of pride in yourself. Sign up now for this transformative theatre experience!


*for everyone from 16 years old
Discover the power of theater during this unique workshop in our beautiful manor one hour from Paris. In this theater training, the emphasis is on the connection between head and heart.


The training is led by the inspiring and passionate instructor, Moos d'Herripon. She is firmly rooted in her international professional practice as an actress, dancer, director, and coach. She was trained in the playing style of Ariane Mnouchkine in addition to a regular theater school. She has worked with many theater companies such as Liz Lerman, and taught at several American universities.


The training takes place in a beautiful Manoir in France, one hour from Paris, also accessible by train. You share a room with 2 or 3 people. The rooms are spacious and you have a shower, toilet and bath in the room.


COSTS:550,- including 6 nights' lodging in an exclusive Manoir.
All food included!
(cooking together in the big kitchen)
Exclusive travel expenses.

sign up by sending an email to: manoir@yxie.fr