Art Weeks

YXIE organises special tailor-made art weeks for students of high schools and universities. Immersing in a new environment will inspire the students creatively and introduces them to the French art context. Additionally, we also create the opportunity to work together with a renowned theatre director and musical componist.
During this week, we aim to culturally inspire by organising (amongst other activities) a trip to Paris (2 days) and several theatre and music workshops (3 days). We will finalize with a presentation for the French people, living in the picturesque village


During the workshops we approach theatre as the creation of an imagined situation in which the conscious use of one’s own instrument (such as body, voice and mind) will facilitate action and interaction.
This course makes students aware of the dynamic possibilities of their voice and body and mind. The student experiences this perspective of theatre in engaging (group) exercises and improvisations.
This week of workshops is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their presence in a room, confidence, and presentation skills; whether they have a specific goal such as a presentation at work or a public speech, or if they want to improve their everyday communication skills. Participants will learn what it takes to both capture an audience and connect to an individual through a range of technical and emotional work.


Monday and Friday we organise a trip to Paris in which we offer several options like visiting a museum and see a performance, doing a special art tour, or visiting several highlights. We are open to all your ideas and questions.
Wednesday till Thursday we will offer several workshops of theatre and music and we will create and perform a performance for the village of Villeblevin.

the 'Colonie les Tilleuls'

In front of YXIE - Manoir des Arts you can find the 'Colonie les Tilleuls' which is a holiday resort where young people from Paris spent their holidays. We are grateful to the municipality of Villeblevin that we can use the property to receive large groups. There are dormitories with bunk beds and a professional kitchen and several areas for workshops. The building is surrounded by a large green area.
up to 35 students and their teachers can stay in the ‘Colonies de Vacance’. A place with a well equipped kitchen, a conference room, playfields, and several bedrooms.