What is YXIE - Manoir des Arts?

Manoir des Arts

YXIE - Manoir des Arts is a cultural center located in Villeblevin France. YXIE aims to inspire through art, imagination and encounter.
YXIE is a special and inspiring place for overnight stays, performances, theater lessons, lectures, coaching and exhibitions.

A beautiful loaction

The Manoir has much to offer, with its 1.5-hectare woodland garden which invites for inspiring walks. Besides the private woodland, visitors can also enjoy the surrounding villages either by walking or cycling or visit neighboring cities such as Paris, Fontainebleau and Sens as these locations are close by.

Besides its location, the Manoir also contains a small library with art literature. Have diner cooked by a French cuisinier, possibly take a yoga class or attend a concert. YXIE has something to offer for all visitors.

inspiring meetings

We are going to invite artists to further develop and gain new insights in their artistic practice. There is an inspiring studio location and network which will help the artist to further develop their work.
We aim to get artists and enthusiasts together by organizing meetings and presentations.


YXIE was built in 1835 by a Courtesan from Paris. There is a gossip that she was the mistress of Napoleon.

The word YXIE comes from a poem by the Dutch artist Lucebert (1924-1994).
YXIE wants to create connections between the different art disciplines, theatre, music, visual arts and literature, in the spirit of Lucebert.

The Manoir

* Entrance,
*big kitchen,
*dining room with fireplace for breakfast and dinner
* five very spacious guest rooms for up to 15 people.
* Mini bar
* A theater studio of 75 m2
* A 60 m2 music studio
* A room of 60 m2 with fireplace.
* A forest garden and vegetable garden of 1.5 hectares
* Private parking
* Bikes available
* Library of
* books about art